Council of Chairs and Coordinators

Amy Blumenthal and Reza Dai, Co-Chairs, 2015-16

The Council discusses issues of common interest related to the administrative functions performed by department and program chairs and coordinators and serve as a clearinghouse for issues to be taken up with academic administrators.


The Chair of Chairs serves in an advisory (non-voting) capacity on the Board of Directors.

The Council will bring to the Faculty Senate any recommendations that relate to working conditions, academic concerns, or contractual matters.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and other administrators may be invited to meet with the Council to discuss issues related to their areas of responsibility.

Some of the topics that the Council may address are training for chairs/coordinators, job descriptions for chairs/coordinators, policy implementation, new program research and development, interdepartmental collaboration for curriculum development, and compensation/released time associated with program management.


The council meets at least twice each semester, with additional meetings called as needed.  All chairs and coordinators are encouraged to attend the meetings and participate actively on the council.

Faculty who are not chairs or coordinators may attend meetings but may not vote.

The council must inform the Faculty Senate of all meeting times and agendas.

The council will send the Faculty Senate a copy of its meeting minutes via the Association President.

All materials in support of these meetings is stored under s:\occshare\cocac


The Council of Chairs and Coordinators consists of all department/program chairs and coordinators, including the chair of the library faculty and coordinator of student development faculty.

The council selects its own chairperson (“Chair of Chairs”) for a two-year period commencing and ending at the end of the summer term after new chairpersons and coordinators have been appointed. If the chair cannot complete his or her term of office, the Board of Directors will appoint a person to convene the Council of Chairs at which time a new chairperson will be elected to complete the two-year term.  The Council will select other officers, if needed.


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