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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The OCCFA web site has moved! You can find it on myOakton in the “employees” tab under faculty/staff links. If you have trouble locating it, please email us at: occfa@oakton.edu.  We are happy to guide you to the new site. Thank you!

Greg Hamill, OCCFA President, September 4, 2018


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CONTRACT 2016-2020   for OCC Full-Time Faculty
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Oakton AFALink to Adjunct Faculty Association Web
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Adjunct Contract link)

OCCFA, the Oakton Community College Faculty Association, is the IEA/NEA local that represents the full-time faculty at OaktonInformation about OCCFA is found on the various Pages listed in the column on the right of this page.   Below is some basic contact information.  (Katherine Schuster, OCCFA President, is the best bet for an initial contact–see below.)

Oaktons Homepage Directory is also a good source of contact info for Oakton faculty.    Also, here is a link to the ACADEMIC CALENDAR .

OCCFA  OFFICERS:   2017-2018

   Katherine Schuster         schuster@oakton.edu
847  376  7118

Vice President:   Greg Hamill            ghamill@oakton.edu
847  376  7041

Secretary:  Will Crawford         crawford@oakton.edu
847  376  7137

Treasurer:  Megan Klein         mklein@oakton.edu
847  376  7125

IEA Rep:  Peter Hudis             
847  376 7178

See the Officers and Senators Page for info on Oakton Faculty Senators.
Questions about these pages should be directed to John Stryker at jstryker@oakton.edu.